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New American Independent Party has second candidate announce plans to seek 2012 NAIP Presidential nomination

Mark Graham of Florida has officially announce intentions to seek the 2012 New American Independent Party nomination for President of the United States of America. Graham is a New American Independent Party of Florida state committee member. Graham follows Roger Nichols of Missouri as the second candidate in as many months to officially announce the intention to seek the NAIP nomination in 2012.


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Independent & Third Party Candidates not Welcome in Idaho Debate

The City Club of Boise has scheduled a candidate forum (debate) on September 15, 2010 for candidates for Governor. The nominees of both the Democratic and Republican Parties were invited. However, three other minor party or independent candidates running for Governor were not invited. The most prominent of the three candidates not invited was independent Jana Kemp who previously served as a Idaho state representative.

The City Club of Boise invited the two major party candidates before they even won their primary elections. Jana Kemp was the very first candidate to secure a general election ballot slot.  The IdahoReporter.com ran this story on the controversy.

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New American Independent Party endorses Independent Jana Kemp

The New American Independent Party has announced that it is endorsing Jana Kemp for Governor of Idaho. Kemp is running as an independent. More information can be found at newamericanindependent.com

Jana Kemp for Governor

Jana Kemp For Governor
PO Box 8045
Boise ID 83707

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Roger Nichols to seek NAIP Presidential Nomination in 2012

The Citizen Uprising reported that the state chairman of the New American Independent Party of Missiouri, Roger Nichols, will be seeking the 2012 NAIP Presidential nomination. Nichols is the first candidate to officially announce intentions to seek the 2012 New American Independent Party nomination for President of the United States of America. Read more here>>>

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Seeking Independent & Third Party Writers

We are seeking 15-20 more writers for this site. We welcome representatives from all third parties, all independent candidate campaigns and any individuals who are just tired of the two major parties and would like to see more options at the ballot box. It doesn’t matter if you support a liberal third party, a conservative third party or if you are somewhere in between or an independent. We want to provide you with another tool to promote your third party or independent to the American people. We want party/campaign news, events, ballot access fights & efforts, convention news, candidate information, ideas for party mergers, op-ed rants against the D’s & R’s, Ideas & discussions that seek to solve the problems that we face as a nation.


Contact Us:


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New American Independent Party launches facebook page

The New American Independent Party (NAIP) has recently launched a new facebook page. You can visit the group here.>>>>

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Independent Chris Daggett hits 20% in latest NJ Poll

 Independent candidate Chris Daggett continues to rise in New Jersey polls. The latest poll was conducted by Rutgers University on Oct. 22nd and had Daggett at 20%. Daggett has been rising steadily in recent weeks as the Republican and Democratic candidates continue to blast each other with extremely negative ads. In recent days, both major party candidates began running negative tv and radio ads against Daggett. The Republican Governor’s association is also running negative tv ads against Daggett. View CNN’s story on Daggett rising in the polls.

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New American Independent Party conducting poll to consider Chris Daggett (I-NJ) endorsement


The New American Independent Party is conducting a poll to allow their members to decide if the NAIP should endorse the independent candidate Chris Daggett for Governor of New Jersey. Polling ends at the end of the day on Oct. 25th. Members and those interested can vote at: http://poll.fm/19k0b

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Let’s get going!

Sorry for the recent inactivity. Several Third party and Independent candidates are now starting their push for 2010 and 2012. I will beginning posting those updates / announcements soon.


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For Immediate Release: October 15, 2008 

For Further Information: John Murphy (610) 384-4460


EAST FALLOWFIELD, PA – The John Murphy for Congress Campaign is extremely happy to announce that former Senator and Presidential candidate Mike Gravel has endorsed John Murphy for House of Representatives in the sixteenth district of Pennsylvania.


“There are a few people in government who qualify for the term hero” said John Murphy, “but Mike Gravel is one of those people. I remember him from my undergraduate days as an anti-Vietnam War protester. Mike not only opposed the war but was an outspoken critic of the draft and tried to have it abolished”.


Senator Gravel demonstrated great courage when he conducted a filibuster in the Senate forcing the “Pentagon Papers” to be included into the Congressional record despite personal risk to himself. The “Pentagon Papers” was a 47 volume, top secret Defense Department history of the United States military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. The “Pentagon Papers” documented unconstitutional behavior by a succession of presidents, the violation of their oath and the violation of the oaths of every one of their subordinates.


“Mike made an unsuccessful bid as the Democrat Party candidate for president in 2008 but the Democrat Party leadership removed him even before Kucinich. The Democrat Party leadership does not tolerate candidates who truly represent the American people. Mike called for the immediate end of the occupation of Iraq and universal single-payer healthcare. Most uniquely, however”, continued John Murphy, “Mike is a true champion of democracy. He supports, as do I, a Constitutional amendment that would allow for national referendums on major public policy issues. This would truly mean ‘we the people’ would finally have a real voice in how we are governed”.


“Even his endorsement of my candidacy shows that he is as gutsy as ever. It is extremely rare that a two-term United States Senator would endorse anyone other than a Democrat. But doing the right thing rather than the politically correct thing has always been Mike’s style. It’s what makes him heroic” concluded John Murphy.


Mike Gravel said of John Murphy, “I strongly endorse John not only because of his strong opposition to the Iraq war but, like me, he knows that we could cut the price of gasoline in half at the pump if only George Bush, the Democrats and the Republicans would stop talking about invading Iran. And he’ll do something about it when elected”.


Senator Gravel added, “Rather than blindly support the military-industrial complex that spends more on defense than all the rest of the world combined, John will bring balance to our security and economic needs. Congress has lost touch with our real priorities. John will support the needs of working class Americans by prioritizing secure and sustainable jobs, fair taxes and a fair system of trade. Freedom, civil liberties and security are the values that will guide John as he represents of your interests. I hope you will consider voting for him”.



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